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"The FilterQueen system is one of the most effective products on the market... (read more)

It is high performing, solid and durable. I can testify to over 40 years of almost trouble free use. I love the fact that I can remove the canister from the wheels and access almost any corner of the house with the wand and crevice tool. The FilterQueen is accompanied by a Lifetime Service Benefit. For the first time, I am replacing the original motor at the guaranteed low cost price quoted 40 years ago!!! The service is excellent and the warranty was honoured without a glitch. I highly recommend this product.

Rosemary M

“I am writing you to let you know that I just purchased a brand new FilterQueen vacuum, and I just love it... (read more)

I was so excited when the FilterQueen vacuum salesman showed up at my door to show me a brand new FilterQueen model. You see, I have been a proud owner of a FilterQueen vacuum since 1977, when I was just 10 years old. My Great Uncle purchased one for me as a gift. It sounds like a strange gift for a child, but I loved my Mom's vacuum as a child, which also happened to be a FilterQueen, so I guess he knew that I loved that vacuum and that it would be something I could always use. I have moved from one side of the country to the other, and even lived in the U.S. while attending University, and the one item in my possession which I have had for 38 years, is my FilterQueen vacuum. Still running strong!

I purchased a second FilterQueen vacuum, as I have two levels in my home, so rather than cart a vacuum up and down the stairs, I will have one for each level.

My Great Uncle has sadly since passed away, but I will always have this wonderful gift he gave me, a FilterQueen vacuum cleaner. So every time I vacuum I think of Uncle Roman. Hopefully he is smiling, knowing I have put his gift to good use.

Thank you for all the wonderful old memories, and I look forward to all the new memories with my new FilterQueen "Majestic" vacuum cleaner.

Sherry P.
(A devoted Customer)

"I want to say how much i have enjoyed both my vacuum and Defender air filter.... (read more)

The Defender is so quiet I barely notice it on and with a hairy dog and even hairier cat, it has made such a difference to the air quality of my home and reduces the need to change filters in my furnace every month down to every two or three months! I receive many compliments on the Defender for its unobtrusive size, quality looks and performance.

I enjoy my vacuum equally as much; also quiet enough not to send my cat screaming for the door. It is extremely efficient, nice long cord, fabulous attachments and I can even vacuum the dog without causing him stress. It is all good!

Thank you for your kind service.”

Kathryn N.

“As you know that my late husband and I bought the FilterQueen air purifier and your vacuum a few years ago... (read more)

They work wonders on our (hate to say) very old carpets with ease. And now with some new wood flooring still works great. The air purifier goes non stop. When my late husband was alive it had helped with his breathing. He had a lot of respiratory issues including 4 massive heart attacks. It had help and still does keep a very large area with clean air. I am so very surprised to this day as to how well it works. And I do recommend to anyone today and beyond to invest in this products.

Thanks again!”
Rose C.

“My story and experience with my Filterqueen Vacuum... (read more)

HI, my name is David and I was first introduced to Filterqueen in 1979. It was a knock on my door by a young salesmen in training and an older more experience gentlemen by his side. They were both very pleasant and asked if I would like to have my carpet vacuumed.

What they didn’t realize was I had just moved in to this apartment just two weeks prior. It was my 1st place ever and I really didn’t have much of anything at that point. I had just purchased my 1st 19’ TV with UHF channels, that was a big deal back then, but I had not yet purchased a vacuum and my carpets needed vacuuming. A vacuum was on my wish list but I really couldn’t afford a very good one, or so I thought.

These two fellows proceeded to unpack this really sharp looking vacuum that had so many different attachments, functions and gadgets that my eyes were wide open with awe. They demonstrated many of it’s features which ranged from an upholstery shampooer to an air freshener and even a hair dryer plus much much more. All of the functions and gadgets were really cool but I still knew I couldn’t afford such an expensive vacuum. We hadn’t even talked price yet but I knew this was just to much for me, after all they knocked on my door.

After the demonstration was completed the young fellow asked me what I thought, and I was honest with him and told him its a pretty nice vacuum. How much is it; I asked. When he told me it was $1500 I almost fell over and thanked them both for their time and demonstration but it was just to much for me. Then the older fellow said in a confident voice how about if we throw this entire box of extras in with it, that was an additional $300 value. I said reluctantly that if I could I would but it but I just can’t afford such an nice vacuum. I told him I’ll go buy one for $150 at the store.

He said to me that I could do that but then I would be buying another vacuum a few years later and then again a few years after that and again and again after that for the next 20 plus years. He said; this is the only vacuum you will ever need to buy and it comes with a life time motor warranty so you’ll never have to replace it. I considered myself a pretty smart shopper even at that young age. So I thought some more but still had to say, sorry but no, I just couldn’t afford it.

He then told me about financing and as I had a job I could pay a small sum every month for the next 36 months which worked out to about $50 a month. That is when my eyes lit up and “Wow”, I could afford such a nice vacuum. When I said yes I could see the eyes of the young salesman brighten. He had what may have been one of his first big sales. The two of us were feeling pretty good plus I think the old guy was quite proud as well as he had successfully shown his young apprentice how to sell a vacuum to someone who said “No” three times. He knew I wanted it and he knew how I could afford it. I owe that gentleman a thanks.

Well let me tell you, after they left I went through all my gadgets packed in the three boxes they left me and I was giddy. I vacuumed the rest of my small apartment and then tried out the air freshening function, that was really cool and I used it for years to come. It was great to freshen up my place before and after the parties I had.

This vacuum was so powerful and the power head was so good that my place was always very clean which was perfect for the way I was brought up. I used this vacuum weekly for the next 25 years without even a hint of a problem. I soon then realized that this purchase of my Filterqueen was definitely the best purchase to date that I had ever made. I was so proud to tell people about the vacuum and my very successful investment.

In 2005 the belt on the Power Head started slipping off and I kept putting it back on until about 2 years later it just wouldn’t stay on anymore, the wooden roller had finally worn out. I was bummed and went to a couple of vacuum repair places to see what they could do. They both wanted to sell me a new Power Head at about $600, needless to say I didn’t go that route and just packed away my power head hoping one day I would come up with the solution.

Then it happened, in 2011 I finally called Filterqueen head office in the USA and they told me of a authorized dealer in Port Coquitlam called Healthtek. I gave them a call and told them of my dilemma and also I thought it was time I had that old machine of mine greased and oiled and given the once over as I wanted to keep it for another 30 years.

After getting off the phone with Jenna @ Healthtek I was so impressed once again not only with the news I had received about the small cost of the repairs but also the service and warranty that I still had on my wonderful old machine. I dropped off the old girl for her once over and when I went back to pick her up it was like I was a proud dad picking up my baby. My old Power Head had back all the spunk in it that it had on it’s first days and the new hose I had replaced was my a fraction of the cost that other Vacuum stores were charging.

I went home and used my old girl and Power Head straight away. It was like a proud feeling all over again knowing that I had purchased the right vacuum oh so many years ago. I am now over fifty, I bought my Filterqueen when I was 18 years old. This vacuum will easily out last me and I can even pass it down to my son once I finally kick it. I can’t believe this vacuum will outlast me.

I am just so impressed with the Filterqueen product that I have recommended it for years. I was also very impressed with the Healthtek staff and service I received form both Jenna and Jessica. It has been a pleasure doing business with the Healthtek team and a wonderful experience owning a Filterqueen. I look forward to many more years with my best purchase ever.

A very sincere and proud owner of my Filterqueen.”

“I purchased a filterqueen filter from your company and wanted to write to say that it is a fantastic addition to my family... (read more)

It is superior in quality and does exactly what you said it would in your presentation. Thank you so much for introducing me to this excellent product.”

Ramona W.

“Filter Queen has been a good investment for my family... (read more)

We have asthma and since having the system in our home we have been almost symptom free. I also run a day home and I have found that colds/flu have been less frequent as well. I feel that the filter queen has been a good investment for our home and our health.”

Kelly D.
Okotoks, AB (Canada)

“Here is a quick story for you on how FilterQueen and the Defender has helped our family!... (read more)

Our firstborn son, whom we named Thaddeus Klassen, was born Dec. 5, 2007. Unfortunately, he was born with severe and chronic kidney failure, and he spent many months living under the care of the Stollery, away from our home. We had to relocate our little family from Saskatchewan, where Thaddeus was born, to Alberta in order to be near the hospital care that Thaddeus needed.

Once he received a kidney transplant, he started to experience a higher energy level and a greater quality of life... but he was on intense immunosuppressant drugs. He could come home to us, and we could be a whole family again, but we were under the strict orders of how clean to keep our home, what kind of diet he could have, and when he needed to receive his medicines. Essentially, if Thaddeus were to get sick, his body wouldn’t be able to fight it off. This means that even a common cold could get to be as serious as pneumonia.

The FilterQueen helps us to keep our home very clean, with very little effort and minimal time invested. Now we have our older son Thaddeus at home, and a little brother to him as well, who is three and a half months old. They are both very healthy, and have hardly even suffered a cold! The Defender also keeps the quality of the air in our home fresh and clean, not just safer for our sons (one immunosuppressed, the other in the middle of his vaccinations and very young) but also very pleasant to breathe. I personally have asthma, and it has hardly bothered me since we invested in the Defender.

We have great faith in the effects of the FilterQueen and the Defender, and have never looked back on our decision to have them in our home.”

Karma K.

“I just want to let you know that we love the vacum and air filters... (read more)

My husband has allergies to our cats, but we have 6 children who cannot part with them, so he has suffered through and I have done my best to vacum under our bed and surrounding area to keep the dander down but he still would wake up almost every morning with a headache, he would get headaches so bad that one time they sent him over to Comox in an ambulance to make sure he wasn’t having a brain aneurysm. Anyway since we have put the air filter at the base of our bed and I have used the vacuum to get all the animal hair cleaned up, he has not had one headache!! Praise God, we are so happy. We were seriously planning on getting rid of the cats, tears and all because it just was not worth the pain he was going through. So my whole family thanks you and this company and it is worth it.

May God bless this company to grow beyond expectation, and we pray for all those who go out and go into peoples homes that they would be safe and that God would have favour on them. Take care and I hope you have a great summer.”

Luke & Angela D.

“We are very happy with our purchase of the Filter Queen Air filter!... (read more)

We recently purchased some oil paintings and if we did not get the filter queen the paintings would have to been removed from our home. My wife and daughter are very sensitive to chemical fumes/odors and amazingly after running the air filter for only a few hours my wife and daughter were not affected by the off gassing from the oil paintings! “


“I like the Majestic better than any vacuum I’ve used... (read more)

It does a great job and I especially like that I can dust with it too. It is great being able to vacuum knowing that it is actually helping make my house a healthier place to be. I like the Defender for the same reason, also it runs nice and quiet. People have noticed a difference too. My house is cleaner I am able to get more done thanks to the efficiency of the Majestic. The air smells better and is more refreshing thanks to the Defender. I figure if can’t have the outdoors air inside Filter Queen is the next best thing that I’ve come across. Thank you.”


“We just wanted to say that these two machines from Filterqueen are great... (read more)

The air purifier has done an awesome job with keeping the dust down. Even with the dry summer that we had we have noticed a big difference in how often it needs to be dusted. The vacuum cleaner is great for the whole house and very easy to use. I love that it has the rubber bumper so that I don’t have to worry about marking up my walls when going thru the house.”


“I have both the Majestic and the Defender, they work “together” in my home... (read more)

and I have noticed a massive difference with my asthma and my allergies!!! Thanks :)”