How air pollution can harm your heart

February 11, 2020

How air pollution can harm your heart - FilterQueen Canada

When we think about keeping our heart healthy, what normally comes to mind is eating healthy foods, and monitoring our blood pressure. But did you know that the quality of the air you breathe could be affecting your heart?

What’s in the air?

Tiny particles are in the air we breathe, such as pollen, mold spores, pet dander, germs, and viruses which can trigger allergies and asthma. But the airborne contaminants that come from fossil fuel combustion, fires, cigarette smoke and vehicles are especially harmful to our heart and can increase the risk of cardiovascular and other serious health problems.

According to a recent World Health Organization report, more than twenty percent of all cardiovascular disease deaths are caused by air pollution.1 Most people think the air in their home is healthier than the outside air. Unfortunately pollution from outdoors gets trapped inside our homes. This buildup of pollution and other contaminants make the air inside up to five times more polluted than outside.

How air pollution can harm your heart - FilterQueen Canada

Take control of your heart health

There are things you can do every day to help keep your heart in good shape.

  • Don’t smoke
  • Control your cholesterol
  • Manage your blood pressure
  • Get plenty of exercise
  • Maintain a healthy weight
  • Eat healthy
  • Get plenty of rest
  • Reduce stress
  • Use an air purifier

Take care of your mental and physical wellbeing. Your heart will love you for it!

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