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Power Nozzle Roller Brush (Beater Bar)

CAD $49.99

Does your FilterQueen Majestic need a tune up?  A new roller brush (beater bar) can help your power nozzle perform like new again.  After years of spinning on your carpet, the bristles can wear down.  A new roller brush will have your power nozzle performing like new again.
  • Includes 1 OEM Brushroll / Rollerbrush

The model number can be found under the dome cap at the top of your Majestic.

  • Select your model: Current Style (newest models) or 88 Style (older models)
  • 88 Style fits the following FilterQueen Models: 95X, 95, 99A, 112A, 112B
  • Current Style fits the following FilterQueen Models: 112C, M360, 360SS, M11

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