Remove Wildfire Smoke From Your Home

September 14, 2020

Remove Wildfire Smoke From Your Home - FilterQueen Canada

Every year the danger of out of control fires becomes high, particularly during the months of August through November. This year is no special case, as the U.S. begins an emotional start to the fierce wildfire season. Here we will talk about tips to eliminate the odor and smoke particles from your home.

Smoke and pollution can influence the air quality outside, but inside as well, regardless of whether the rapidly spreading fires are close to your home. Smoke can travel, and convey with it debris and fine residue. Tiny smoke particles can’t be seen by the unaided eye yet can cover most surfaces.

You should know that a portion of the smoke from outside can enter your home and make it hard to breathe indoors also.1

How does wildfire smoke enter your home

The air outside, including tiny particles from the fire smoke, can enter your home through open windows and doors. It can also enter through devices such as bathroom or kitchen fans that vent to the outdoors, or heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems with a fresh air intake. Smoke can also creep inside through little openings, joints and splits. 1

At the point when smoke begins to enter your home, it’s essential to take any and all measures to remove it rapidly and successfully to keep your indoor air quality healthy.

Remove Wildfire Smoke From Your Home - FilterQueen Canada


8 tips on removing wildfire smoke from inside your home

  • Diminish the smoke that enters your home by keeping the entryways and windows shut.
  • Stay away from exercises that cause more airborne contaminations, for example, wood-consuming chimneys, consuming candles or painting.
  • Utilize a HEPA filter vacuum.
  • Wipe down or mop hard surfaces to keep particles from going back into the air.
  • Eliminate cigarette smoke.
  • Clean hard surfaces in the home to eliminate particles from coming back into the air.
  • Utilize a portable air cleaner that can run 24 hours every day on high. 1
  • At the point when the air quality outside improves, open the windows to allow natural air in.

At the point when fire alarms and alerts sound, you and your family need to act rapidly. Readiness is significant for the safety of children, seniors, and individuals with heart or lung conditions. 1

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