Customer Testimonials

“We recently celebrated our 50th wedding anniversary. Since we’ve been married, we’ve had 13 cars and 6 pickups from 4 manufacturers, 5 RVs, lived in 1 apartment & 12 homes in 3 states, and have had 2 FilterQueens!

The take-away from this I guess are the three constants in our lives:

1.) Our love for our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ;
2.) Our love for each other with almost 51 years of marriage, and;
3.) FilterQueen.”

– Jerry & Pam S., New Bern, NC

“My son suffers from severe allergies from trees, grasses and weeds, and it gets tracked in and trapped in the house. But with the Defenders, it makes his life indoors tolerable. I don’t have to dust as frequently, leaving me time for other things. I can’t remember the last time anyone in the family was truly sick. Best investment I ever made for my family’s health!”

– Geraldine T., Shelton, WA

“While trimming my dog, I use my Majestic and Defender, as his hair is quite fine and gets in the air. Knowing that both work very well, I appreciate that the air is much better to breathe.”

– Jonelle B., Winnebago MN

“I can’t believe more people don’t own this awesome machine! I have owned my Majestic for 5 years and my parents have owned theirs since the mid 80s. My friends purchase “disposable” vacuum cleaners, spending a lot of money and are unhappy with their machines. The durability of this machine is outstanding. There is no better home cleaning system!”

– Robert K., Redfield, IA

“I have been in the cleaning business for 3 1/2 years and have been using the FilterQueen since the onset of our business. Due to the extent of our business, we have been forced to purchase many vacuums for many different purposes and having had the opportunity to compare about four different models of vacuums to the FilterQueen, we have conclusively come to the decision that our FilterQueen is the most versatile and durable vacuum on the market today.”

– Laura H., Reno, NV

“My grandmother had a friend that had a 1950s FilterQueen Majestic. When I went over to her house I used to love using her Majestic. It is a really powerful vacuum even for its age. It really does a good job on carpets, floors, and rugs. It even vacuums out the cars really well. I really love these vacuums since I was young. I recommend it for anybody who needs a good vacuum cleaner.”

– Chris T., Columbus, GA

“I personally use the Defender in my home as well as in my medical office. Since using the Defender at home, I have noticed a big difference in the air quality in my house. Also, I do suffer from seasonal allergies, and I have noticed since using the Defender, I have not been congested and I am able to sleep through the night without being congested. Patients have also commented on the air quality in my office since the installation of the Defender. I would highly recommend the Defender for allergy sufferers as well as people with breathing disorders such as asthma and COPD.”

– John B., Shallotte, NC

“I love the FilterQueen Majestic. I have a 1972 model. It works miracles for me. I clean my house in less time. My allergies are gone, and there is a clean feeling throughout my home. I am thankful to the person who invented this wonderful cleaning product. I vacuum my beds, blinds, curtains, etc. My family loves this machine. Dust is gone in my home, and there are wonderful smells of clean. I love, love, love this product and all the attachments that go with this vacuum. I recommend to all who enjoy a clean home.”

– Stefanie K., Alpena, MI

“We placed the Defender in the bedroom at night and the results have been very impressive. We are breathing and sleeping so much better due to the improved air quality and we get up in the morning feeling refreshed, not tired. It also has significantly reduced our snoring which leads to a much better night’s sleep.”

– Donald & Randy B.