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FilterQueen Reviews and Testimonials

“My grandmother had a friend that had a 1950s FilterQueen Majestic. When I went over to her house I used to love using her Majestic. It is a really powerful vacuum even for its age. It really does a good job on carpets, floors, and rugs. It even vacuums out the cars really well. I really love these vacuums since I was young. I recommend it for anybody who needs a good vacuum cleaner.”

Chris T

“I personally use the Defender in my home as well as in my medical office. Since using the Defender at home, I have noticed a big difference in the air quality in my house. Also, I do suffer from seasonal allergies, and I have noticed since using the Defender, I have not been congested and I am able to sleep through the night without being congested. Patients have also commented on the air quality in my office since the installation of the Defender. I would highly recommend the Defender for allergy sufferers as well as people with breathing disorders such as asthma and COPD.”

John B.

“I love the FilterQueen Majestic. I have a 1972 model. It works miracles for me. I clean my house in less time. My allergies are gone, and there is a clean feeling throughout my home. I am thankful to the person who invented this wonderful cleaning product. I vacuum my beds, blinds, curtains, etc. My family loves this machine. Dust is gone in my home, and there are wonderful smells of clean. I love, love, love this product and all the attachments that go with this vacuum. I recommend to all who enjoy a clean home.”

Stefanie K.

“The safety and security of our employees continue to be our number one priority. Over the past several months we have been working in partnership with our architect and other expert advisers on how we can have a safe environment for our employees upon their return. While we have a ton of ideas for changes and enhancements to our offices, this is very much a work in progress and the Defenders are one product we believe will help clean the air and slow down the spread of COVID.”

Certain Affinity

“The Police and Firefighters continued to protect us while COVID-19 spread through our communities. I want to make sure that we are doing everything we can to protect them when they come to our store. My employees are family, so I have a responsibility to provide them with the safest possible environment when they return to work. That is why we run the FilterQueen Defender all day in our store. It constantly purifies the air for both us and our valued customers.”

Stonewall Uniforms

“We have added 4 Defenders to Avanti Salon and they are working well. We use them on the Medium setting. Our employees really appreciate the extra layer of protection that the Defenders provide. Although we sanitize surfaces throughout the day and fog every night, knowing that the air quality is being improved throughout the day is a nice added sense of security. Our guests feel the same way as our staff does. One comment we received from a guest was, “I would much rather see those air purifiers throughout the salon rather than vases or plants”.

Tony Paterniti

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